: Which brand of baby formula do you use?

  • Nan

    17 19.54%
  • Karicare

    14 16.09%
  • S26

    40 45.98%
  • SMA

    0 0%
  • Infasoy

    1 1.15%
  • Home/chemist brand

    0 0%
  • Other

    15 17.24%

thread: Which Brand of Baby Formula Do You Use?

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    Feb 2003
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    Which Brand of Baby Formula Do You Use?

    To start off the Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding and Solids topic, I have created a poll for those of you who are bottlefeeding.

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    i breastfed till Kameron was 4mths then expressed what i could cause i didn't like breastfeeding. I began to introduce formula at around 6mths and used Nuturecare or something like that

    Alllll too long ago LOL


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    Jun 2003

    Well we used 3 different types lol. We were put on infasoy when Paris was 4 weeks old because she had gastro and the Ped said she was lactose intolerant (utter crap) and said for her intestines to heal she need to go off breastmilk. And us being first time parents trusted and believed him. After that we had big problems trying to get her back on the breast and I persevered for 2 months and the LC said to stop because it was causing Paris psychological problems...she wouldn't let anyone hold her in the nursing position because she was distressed about feeding. She would go ridged and scream. It broke my heart so bad, so after months of trying everything we bottle fed with breastmilk for a couple of months and then after my breasts could take no more I changed to formula. We started off on Karicare, then Karicare Gold. Then S26 Gold.


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    marlee73 Guest

    i'm using karicare starter formula.

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    Linda - SA Guest

    We haven't given formula yet, but I would only be willingg to use Baby Nat, as it is Organic. Many other brands can't guarantee to be free of genetic modification & who knows how that may affect little ones. Just thought I should mention this brand in case anybody has the same preferences as me but hasn.t heard of Baby Nat.

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    Apr 2004
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    Cailin - I remember so many mums coming into mums group saying that they were told their babies were lactose intollerant and using soy and some sorta goat milk based stuff. They're all happy cheese chompers now.

    I used the Heinz formula - the gold starter at first and then a normal follow on one, they didnt have the gold follow on one at the time.

    If you read the back, there's no material difference in whats in them.


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    Jul 2004
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    For the first few days when we were in hospital, they provided Nestle NAN for Aidyn (as my milk hadn't come in)
    But we switched to S26Gold when we brought him home (because a friend recommended it) and we havent had any problems with it at all, he loves it, and has stacked on the weight nicely!

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    Oct 2003
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    Matilda's comp feed are with Karicare thickening formula for the reflux... going great guns!

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    May 2004

    When I started weaning Emily I bought a tin of S26, but she hated it! So I tried normal milk...not a chance! I enentually bought the S26 toddler vanilla formula and she loves it! I thought it would be ok since she's 11 months, they say to begin the toddler formular at 12 mo.


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    May 2004

    I'm now using Karicar follow on goats formular. Emily was having runny poos since weaning her, so I think it may have been something to do with thte cows milk. Wato has an intolerance to cows milk and was brought up on goats milk (they bought a goat to milk it when he was a baby). So fingers crossed it does the trick.


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    kelstar78 Guest

    we started on NAN HA (hydrolised milk proteins for easier digestion) when Livvy was 4 days old and we haven't looked back.

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    Senior Moderator

    Nov 2004

    Alex was fed on S26 LF which is the lactose free version.

    He was force fed (virtually) at the hospital after birth, as he had IUGR (interuterine growth retardation) and only weighed 1.9kilos.

    I breastfed him and supplemental feeds were formula.

    At 5months I weaned him from breast and he went onto s26 gold, which he loves.

    However, now he is lactose intolerant (can't drink cow's milk at all) but only for milk. He eats cheese, yoghurt and icecream but only in small doses.

    So he gets soy milk for bottles!


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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    i have been giving millana s26 gold but i am going to give nans a try as it is suppose to be easier to digest? If not i will go back to s26.Millana is quite a windy baby and that is why i thought i'd try nans.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Lily has S-26 Gold. I did give her Karicare to begin with but it onlymade her get the runs.

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    vanessapete Guest

    I was feeding Hayley s26 Gold but she was constipated off this, i now give her NAN HA what a difference!!!

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    Ali Guest

    We went with S26 Gold as it is said to have all this additional stuff for brain development (LCPs). I am not sure if this is true or just good marketing but both my girls loved it!

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    2kiddies Guest

    Georgia has the blue Heinz formula 'Nurture' I think it's called. It's one of the cheaper ones too so even better!

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    Custardtart Guest


    My milk dried up at 4 months due to a fever, and I'd been reading a lot about how much nutrition was lost and then artificially added back in during the processing of baby formulas so I really didn't want to use an artificial food for my baby.

    I got my local health food store to bring in fresh goats milk for me twice a week, and diluted it to 60% strength with boiling water. Goats milk is apparently the closest available to human breast milk, and my little girl thrived on it. There aren't the same issues with lactose intolerance or casein intolerance that you get with cow's milk.