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    Little bit confused

    Hi ladies

    Just need a little bit of info here as am a little confused as to how much milk I should be offering LO now. He is 9.5 months old and I am slowly weaning (have also posted in weaning section). Currently having four milk feeds a day and three solid meals plus some snacks if he is grizzling when we are out. Two of the feeds are BF (first in the morning and last at night) and other two are bottles - mid morning and mid afternoon. How much should I offer in these bottles? Currently offering 180mls and he is drinking this. However has been off his food for the past 5-6 days as he has cold and I think next two teeth are coming through. He has also started waking again in the night - fairly certain that this is becuase he is hungry as his solid intake has cut right back at the moment. (After trying to resettle I am breast feeding him if he won't go back to sleep).

    Guess I have two questions here
    - what size bottles should I offer as I don't want to impact the breast feeds we are doing and also want him to increase back up his solid intake?
    - I know at some stage they drop back to 3 milk feeds per day - roughly when should this happen? We had a routine that had been working but needs tweeking now that he is a little bit older and is staying up longer

    Hope this makes sense. Any advice would be great.

    Thanks NW3

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    Little bit confused

    I'd say 180-200ml is fine ( I think once it's mixed with 180ml water it's about 200ml anyway) my DD was on 150ml but she is tiny. Also we didn't drop to 3 feeds a day til she was on cows milk at 12 months. Hth