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Thread: NAN step 2??

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    Default NAN step 2??

    my DD2 is almost 10 months old. the past month or so i have been making up a bottle of NAN GOld HA 1 and using half on her breakfast and then giving her the other half to drink, also a bottle before bed time. the other times i am breastfeeding still.

    i need to get a new tin of formula, but am now wondering if i need to get the next step up? can i stay with step 1 for as long as i want or do i need to move up to step 2?

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    Our MCHN suggested just staying with the 1 until he weaned. Toddler formula is a rip-off and not required! Although I moved from Gold to standard NAN.

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    oh thanks for that. i was thinking about going to the NAN pro (that is the standard one isnt it?) but wasnt sure if i should.. how do you go about changing formula types? or is it not a big deal if you stay with the same brand. i just heard that once you get a formula that suits baby you shouldnt really go chopping and changing? i dont know much about the whole formula thing as DD1 was breastfed.

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    I wouldn't worry about step 2, she only has a few months before she can have cow's milk anyway. I recently changed DD to step 2 and she was awfully constipated for a couple of weeks, we've now gone back to step 1 and will be sticking with it!

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