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Thread: Whats the difference?

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    Default Whats the difference?

    Between normal formula so to speak and the Gold ones? I know they have extra omega 3 but other that????

    I'm currently BF exclusively and am trying to express enough also for when i go back to work cause I would like to still BF then but my supply just doesn't seem to be increasing with feeding and expressing so am considering my options for when I do go back (in 3 wks)

    I noticed one in the supermarket by somthing organics??? Has anyone used this one??

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    Can'y really answer your question. My lactation consultant recommended Nan Ha so I use that- not sure of the difference though- I just go with what she suggests.... lol

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    I used the Bellamy's Organic formula from the time DD went onto formula at 4mths old.

    For me there was no other option. I was always going to feed my DD organically, and I also had as much clothing which was organic aswell as toys.

    It is made in Tasmania. Have a look at there website they have a wealth of information on there.

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    Gold formulas usually contain more iron too, so that has a tendency to block babies up a bit.

    I just use Heinz nurture for DD2, we tried everything else but she vomited horribly with everything else and didn't vomit quite so much with the heinz one.

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