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    Vegie Patch

    We are going to build a vegie patch soon... well as soon as we get the sleepers... but should be in the next few weeks....

    anyway, what should I plane now, I can't find any info on what to plant and when...

    How easy is it to grow:


    any other ideas for winter?

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    Jun 2008

    I dont think you will be growing peas or tomatoes or even zuchini perhaps? in winter. But tomatoes and peas and zuchinis (and if you leave them longer you get marrows) are VERY easy to grow!
    Beans, like peas are very easy.

    You can easily grow pumpkins and your own potoatoes are super easy too, but take a little bit more effort because you need to prepare the bed for them.

    I have not had much luck with the other veg, like carrots, brocolli, but will follow your thread to see what suggestions you get.

    Yum - I love fresh out the garden veg!

    eta - apparently your own garlic can be grown very easy any time of year too, but I have not tried it.

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    Silverbeet (like spinach) is dead easy apparently, my dad's always got loads of it, and it's great in winter things like mash with bacon and silverbeet. Mmmm....
    Pumpkins need quite a bit of water apparently, so okay if you've got a tank or divert your grey water, my parents' thrived on their grey water (their pumpkins that is).

    I think dad grows peas, tomatoes, silverbeet, pumpkins, kiwifruit, chillis, peaches, apples, nectarines (not sure if this tree's still alive), lemons, mandarins, potatoes, zucchini, lettuce...there might be more, or maybe not all of what I've listed is still alive - I can find out about any of those for you though if you want.

    Do you have any fruit trees? I've seen some dwarf trees, like lemons (same size lemons but smaller tree so you won't end up with 5000 all at one time). My dad's mandarin tree is a dwarf one I think. They look cool, and I imagine could be pretty low maintenance once they were established?

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    oh yeah, silverbeet is as easy as growing weeds! You can get rainbow beet which comes in coloured stems and so looks prettier and tastes a bit milder.
    And that reminds me, beetroot has been something I have grown myself and found it was easy too. You dont have to have it pickled from a tin!

    Carrots and brocolli etc require lots of water.

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    Thanks for the replies.... I will see what the garden centre people suggest....

    wish me luck,

    I will let you know howit oges!