thread: Vegie patches, rabbits and kangaroos

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    Apr 2006

    Vegie patches, rabbits and kangaroos

    I'm about to set up a vegie patch. My dream is to create effectively a big square of raised beds with an opening so you walk in and tend the beds, harvest etc from within, with maybe another square bed in the middle. We're going to use sleepers to construct the beds. We live in a golf course estate so have lots of rabbits as well as the occasional kangaroo when they can be bothered jumping the fence to come in.

    For those that deal with wildlife, how do you keep your vegies safe from Peter Rabbit so you have some left? How high do you think we should build the beds to stop rabbits getting into them? I know no height will keep the roos out.


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    My parents have a large veggie garden in their paddock. They contend with rabbits, Roos, wombats, cows and a horse. They raised the beds with sleepers like you plan to, two sleepers in height. Over the top, they have plastic rods that curl over and provide a frame so an adult can stand up in the garden and then they have a bird net over the top of the entire thing. My stepdad went to the local grain store for suggestions and so far it's worked really well. The net isn't held down tight in some spots so the wind can blow it a little - it's enough movement to spook Roos and the livestock away.

    I've also seen a raised bed, again with sleepers two high and all that was across the top was a piece of string with old CDs swinging on it. The birds hated the reflection coming off, the rabbits couldn't get in and the Roos weren't interested.