Sp and i are looking at planting some fruit trees, a would also like to setup a little veg patch to grow some of the things we commonly eat.

So WHAT do you suggest we plant, we are in Vic, winters are quite cold, were in a gully so lots of wind, when the sun is out MOST of the places we are looking at planting will get full sun. (veg patch i can possibly plant near the fence so not always sunny).

WHEN - the fruit plants we would be looking at doing mid/late spring jsut to avoid damage if we still get some frosty nights.

HOW - did you plant a lot at one time, what fertiliser do you use, how do you keep insects off etc etc etc?

At the moment we are possibly looking at planting some fruit trees along the fence in a patch that currently has roses (old owner possibly taking these), we are thinking 1 apple tree (pink lady for DD1), 1 orange (suggestions???) and 1 lemon.
Possibly a mandarin tree, any other suggestions?

I would love to try growing some watermelon as DD1 loves it, maybe some strawberries, some cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes?

I think we have an old bathtub, i wouldn't mind seeing if DP doesn't have plans with it and finding a way to plant something in there.

Lastly we have an area that is for the kids, DP is looking at huilding an outside room/cubby and there is a patch of garden near a picnic table, i would love to turn this into a little 'fairy garden' for the girls with some fake mushrooms and some little fairy statues.. what kind of flowers would you suggest, i want bright colors, nothing too hard to grow and obviously nothing thorny.

This will be a work in progress obviously, we don't have the cash to go round planting the prefect garden or paying someone to come and do it.. i expect it will take a good couple of years... the previous owners have a gorgeous garden in the 'kids' area but it take up a lot of room that we could be using as a grass area for the kids and DP is not a fan of gardens (thus my little fairy garden) so it's all getting ripped out... anyone in the area want to come take a look at some plants?????