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Thread: Anyone from SA??

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    Hi all

    I'm interesting in who's from SA and where/how you went through insemination? That is, did you have to go interstate or were you able to access services in SA?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I have a few friends in SA who have had to either travel interstate or do home inseminations with a known donor/imported sperm. BUT I'm not 100% sure if they had medically diagnosed infertility... Have you rang some clinics and see what they do? Have you googled SA assisted reproduction laws?

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    Hi Dayna14. I am in SA. Sorry that I don't have time to write more now but have to leave work soon and get the kids from school. I have 2 boys (7and 9) with my ex-partner (she had them both). We did the inseminations at home with a known donor. I am currently trying to get pregnant with my current partner (we are also using a knnown donor and diy), but after 6 months of trying (1x m/c) am about to start on clomid- prescribed by my o+g. Lesbians can and have accessed ART in SA but only if they are MEDICALLY infertile (silly laws IMO!). Happy to talk more, will check in on thread at a later date. In the meantime there is a group "lesbian parenting SA' which can answer many of these type of questions. Also Pink Parents which meets monthly. Hope this helps

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