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    Jul 2006

    Birth Certificates

    Hi Ladies

    Well Kim and I are 5 weeks 6 days pregnant today... just looking into the birth certificate issue, seems with the same-sex reforms just about everything has come into line except 1. gay marriage and 2. birth certificates

    Every state is different, but Queensland (as usual) and SA are behind the times, and are the only states that havent changed it so both parents can be on the birth certificate!

    Big shout out to Leasha - in NSW the same sex parent can retrospectively be put on the birth certificate, so i am assuming if and when Qld change, Shel can be put onto Jazz's birth certificate...

    BUT WHEN???????

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    May 2007

    Yep thats what we are waiting for (and hoping they make it retrospectice in QLD as well).

    When... well... good question.

    I write a letter about every fortnight to Anna Bligh (yet to receive a reply...) asking when. Maybe if we both write something she'll reply one day...

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    Mar 2009

    Hello I didn't realise this. Oh my stars thats just wrong. Every parent has the right to be on the birth certificate. Why should it matter if its two females or two males.

    bye for now

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    Jun 2009

    so you're saying that in victoria that both mums can be on the birth certificate? that is fantastic... i didnt think that was the case and additionally we were concerned that the non biological mother would not be legally recognised as a parent.. we're still getting our heads around this sort of stuff and we;re not even pregnant yet!

    G & L

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    Sep 2007
    Country NSW

    hello G&L
    every state has its own legislation, as far as im aware its state not federal. You might like to check out the gay n lesbian lobby in your own state so you are up on parenting rights etc. i know that in NSW, because we are defacto, we are considered a *family* and this means we can both be on the same medicare card and that we are both considered parents of our soon to be child or children and they can also be placed on our *family* medicare card. We have found all the info out there regarding this on the gay n lesbian lobby site for our state. In saying all of that, you should also draw up wills for protection of future circumstances.

    I hope that helped a little.

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    Jun 2009

    thanks for that we'll definately look into that and it certainly was not a source we had considered.

    G & L

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    May 2008
    Country VIC

    Hi girls, congrats on your pregnancy!!
    We used an anon sperm donor through Melbourne IVF so Charlie's birth certificate has a blank space for the father ( hopefully with my name on it one day when the laws change..... ) and in Vic you can put any last name you want, not necessarily only the name of the birth Mum. We lodged it with both our last names as a hyphen and it was accepted no problems at all.
    To us though, it is just a piece of paper and hopefully by the time he is old enough to want to read it, he will be secure in the knowledge of who his parents are..... so it won't matter who's names are on there

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    Jun 2009

    thanks for that; thats weird that you can put whatever name on the certificate but definately good to know...