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    Hi there - I met a couple last night at PLP but I think I had a pregnancy "brown out" which is kinda like a watered down version of your regular black out! I am vague at the best of times and now there's hormones involved, there's no helping me. I couldn't make the connection of belly belly being this forum but I'm onto it now.
    It was good to meet you - let me know how you go with your midwife decision. I'm seeing Jan on Thursday and I can mention that you may be in the market for her services. I think you need to book in as she can't take on too many women due in the same month.

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    Hi Kate,

    It was me you met - nice to hear from you! It took me ages to get logged onto this forum hence the delay in replying..

    We're still thinking about midwives - I know i should get onto it since they do get booked out but I'm still a bit in denial since I'm not due til Feb. I've got Jan's details so might give her a call - I was sorry not to be able to meet her in person.

    We might see you at other PLP meetings and I'll also keep an eye out on this forum to see if the new lesbian mum's group (or was it a rainbow group?) takes off. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. My first scan tomorrow which is exciting!


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    the first scan is very exciting! We got our best images from this one and Anna played the DVD on our computer frame by frame so she could grab the best angles! Hope it goes well.

    We also just booked into a childbirth class that is probably better suited for your due date than ours (we left it a bit late). They are recommended by Jan and run in Northcote by a gay couple (Maternity Coalition-Education & Support)

    I think we start our round of 5 classes weekly from 10 September. If Hugo comes early we may have to bring him along to the last one (luckily on breastfeeding).

    Well, keep us up to date with your progress. k

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    The first scan like you say was very exciting! We almost didn't get a DVD but I'm so glad we did - those 3D pictures are amazing!

    Thanks for the tip about the classes - I think we might enrol in the same one. We've been looking at classes and the other one I found that looked good is Di Diddle in Fitzroy Birth :: Birth Education, Birth Attendance, DVD, Di Diddle :: Homebirth, Melbourne, Australia. But it would be great to go to one run by a gay couple (and it has more sessions) so hopefully we'll see you there.

    I'm starting to feel like the whole thing is more real now that we've gotten through to the 12 week mark.. I'll be interested to hear how you go too!


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    hi again, sorry for the absence. it's taken me a while to get my head together after Hugo was born on Oct 31 but I'm back on track now - we are loving him more and more everyday. He's 11 weeks now and doing all the right things. would love to hear how everyone is travelling.

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