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Thread: By any large miracle (Private Health Question)

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    Default By any large miracle (Private Health Question)

    Does anyone know of any fund that does not make you wait 12 months for pre existing ailments?

    I'm pretty sure it's along shot, but thought I'd ask anyway - there is such a wealth of knowledge on here!

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    highly doubt it - would all depend on the pre-existing condition though

    perhaps look at iselect online - there is a phone number you can call to get advice - they might be helpful...

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    Depending on the pre-existing illness.

    I often see funds advertising no waiting periods, but there are some exceptions. Can't recall any ads lately though.

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    I am with Medibank Private and was 20 weeks preg with DS when we found out he had serious heart issues requiring multiple open-heart surgeries, long ICU stays, air ambulance transfers etc etc and the condition was life threatening etc. I went to see them a few weeks after diagnosis and before bubs was born to see if they would cover him as it was now a diagnosed condition and therefore "pre-existing" before we could register him on our insurance cover.

    I was very happily surprised to find out they were prepared to take him on with such a significant (and very expensive) condition. After he was born we had to register him within a few weeks of birth on our insurance. Considering he went straight from delivery to ICU and his treatment started immediately I was very impressed.

    Give them a call to see what they say.


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    I agree it does depend on the condition. If you have family cover before you get pregnant most times the baby will be covered from birth regardless but if you only have singles or coples cover the baby isn't covered only you are.

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    ausgirl, I think BG may be right, but you never know? you might be able to find someone?
    You might have to have a think about how long it may take you to get your appointment and then surgery, and if it might be possible that a 12 month waiting period, will be less of a wait for you.

    If you can't find anything on the iselect website, (they only have certain insurers on their list) try one called - Privatehealth dot gov dot au. It is a government website that shows every Health Insurance Policy from every Health fund. Goodluck in your search


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    Thanks everyone.

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