I "nursed" mum through her chemo for 2 of her 3 bouts of cancer (secondary - brain tumour & tertiary - lymphatic; they usually don't give chemo/radiation for stomach cancer which was her primary). She was 76 when she was diagnosed and 78 when she died, so wasn't in the best of health (due to blood condition she'd had for over 10 years).

She used to have treatment on a friday, on Friday nights she was pretty much wiped out. We had set-up the spare bed in the loungeroom so she could just relax and sleep when she wanted to, with the foxtel and the aircon. It also meant that she could have visitors and either stay in the bed or sit on the couch. Her biggest thing was it would exhaust her and she would always have a metalic taste in her mouth, which meant she didn't eat properly. What I did make sure was that every morning before I'd leave for work that I would have made up at least 4 sustagen drinks for her (hospital grade stuff from the chemist) in the fridge, so I at least knew she was getting some nourishment during the day when I wasn't there.

Some days she was great after treatment, some days she wasn't. She didn't lose her hair, I think that would have devistated her more than anything. I used to rub her whole body with massage oils & creams each night because her skin dried out during the treatment. She was a very dignified lady (well she was from a Zulu princess bloodline) and would make sure her hair, makeup and clothing was perfect each morning, my SIL (brother's wife) would come in about 9:30 to shower her as when I got up was too early for her, then she'd get ready for the day. I would make sure she ate something healthy when I got home, I would only buy organic for her just to give her a little bit more.

She went into it at the start with a very positive outlook but by the end had given up, which is probably why it was only about 4 months from when her tertiary was diagnosed until she died, she stopped chemo 8 weeks before she died and was in paliative care 2 weeks after that.

MD - I have the upmost faith that you will get through this, that this will NOT beat you and you will get through this on the other side.

Just take things week by week, when it gets hard then day by day, if that gets a bit too hard, then hour by hour, if that is still too hard sometimes, then minute by minute and if it is really bad, then take things breath by breath.