thread: Bladder infection??

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    Bladder infection??

    How do you know if you have a bladder infection? I have a tender lower tummy and (tmi coming...) my wee doesn't smell so great (not that it smells like roses normally ). I have had uti's before, but nothing recently, and never a bladder infection. What are the symptoms?

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    How often are you wanting to go to the toilet? Does it burn?
    If its a brighter yellow and or feel hot (if that makes sense) when you go it could be that you are not drinking enough.
    If it burns it is usually an infection of some sort.
    If it lasts more than 2 days get yourself to the Drs as some infections can make you really unwell and uncomfortable.
    If you are prone to infections get some cranberry juice, either drink it straight or water it down, I have been known to mix it with lemonade.
    Hope its just a case of not drinking enough

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    Arrow Bladder infection??

    Hi lilias,

    How are you, The symptoms of bladder infection are regular intervals of urination,hormonal changes, dietary sensitivities,urinate frequently (more than every two hours),when you pee you get severe pain at the bladder which is very hard--)

    You can solve these problems very easily with out consulting to any one, you can do treatment for bladder infection at home with out spending dollars...kegel exercises are the one which you can do at home..for more details you can see this site--)

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    Could be a bladder infection, or could be something else that needs to be looked at?

    If you have had UTIs before... I don't know, I have never had a bladder infection but I imagine it would be much similar to a UTI, in which case I drink litres of cranberry juice for a couple of weeks, that fixes it. (it usually clears up within a day or so, I continue to make sure it stays gone)

    If you have a temp, or it lasts more than a couple of days (as Rivlas said) or seems like it could be something else, couldn't hurt to go to the docs to get it checked