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    Unhappy Broken bones

    Hi ladies Im not sure if this is the right pace for this post.
    My 9 yr old daughter fell just before christmas and dislocated her elbow, this was a big shock to the hospital staff, myself and my little lady.

    She was in plaster for 3 weeks and has been out for 4 weeks, since then she has complained occasionaly about her arm still being sore. We go to the hospital for a check up tomorrow. I am really concerned that things are not right with my daughter.
    She has semi dislocated her elbow 3 times before ,this time was a complete dislocation, she has fractured her wrist, broke her thumb and had a suspected fracture in the growth plate of her ankle, it seems every year since she started school she has been in plaster.
    I am dreading being told everything is fine with her. I want them to re xray her arm and check the muscles and ligiments as they told me it is highly unusal for a child to dislocate a joint, they normally just fracture.

    Should i really push the issue

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    I would push it. if not, get a second opinion. I'm not sure if this can be done in a child but you can get a bone scan done which is way better than an x-ray but they inject you with a small amount of nuclear liquid. I had an x-ray done on my wrist as i was in a lot of pain and was told nothing was wrong so i got a second opinion and was sent for a bone scan and was told i have small breaks in the tiny bones in my hand.

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