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Thread: Calling all Soy Milk Drinkers...

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    Question Calling all Soy Milk Drinkers...

    Ok so Im cutting out dairy to see if it will help Isabelle's eczema.
    I LOVE my cereal cheese etc aaaah well.

    So what brands do you prefer!?? Are some stronger than others? I really dont like the taste but am going to mix it in slowly until I have phased out cows milk.

    I have it for my weet bix and other cereal, and for coffees!

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    soy milk is all different, maybe try getting a uht brand and a fresh brand(in fridge) and see which you prefer, I have tried quite a few and they really are very different in taste, look, texture etc.
    So good (fresh one ) is (according to my sil/vegan) too watery... I have never tried it but dont mind the uht one.
    hope that helps!
    my mum and dad raised me on soy and goats milk from about the age of 3 on advice from natropath, I actually really like tha taste of it!

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    I like the "Australia's Own" Malt Free Soy Milk - normally in the health food section. I found it wasn't as watery as some and didn't have that sugary taste like others do - YUK.

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    One of the girls at mothers group told me that soy milk still has lactose (or soemthing along those line) and that if Im cutting out dairy I shouldnt have soy milk either? Maybe rice milk would be better? Ive never had rice milk - am assuming I couldnt use it coffee though. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    Soy milk doesn't have lactose but it is one of the top 5 allergic things... So I went onto soy milk with Jovie & it made things worse so I went to rice milk and that worked really well. Jovie is allergic to soy and cows milk. But our other daughter Matilda is fine with soy.

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    I love the long-life So Good, I usually have a small tetra-pack on my way to work. I've just recently tried the Lite version which is ok but doesn't have that lovely creamy taste that the original has.

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    Yep, rice milk is a very low allergen apparently but I've never tried it myself. I wonder if helping build up your DD's overall health could be a better way. My DD used to get eczema when she was run down health-wise. When I focused on improving her overall health with healthier foods and multivitamins she got better and it went away. These days I'd give InLiven instead of a multivitamin because it's absorbed by the body better. I often slip it into the boys' juice... they don't notice it... and they have never had eczema... but maybe they were never going to get it anyhow. Who knows? I also use more skin friendly products with my boys than I did with my DD and I think that has a lot to do with it.

    If you choose to go down the soy path then, to get a taste for it, try making some banana smoothies with a pinch of cinnamon and honey etc. I find the flavour of soy actually nicer than milk in smoothies these days and it helps me accept it in other ways if need be.

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    I drink the brand called Soy-Milky (I think). It's in the cold section in a blue and white carton. I've tried almost every brand and I thinks it's the nicest, if I can't get it I drink the one in the orange carton So Good I think.

    I've tried rice and oat milk and didn't really like them but everyone has different tastes!

    Try a few and see what you like - they are all quite different.

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    I've tried So Good and Soy Milky. I wasnt too keen on So Good. I prefered the Soy Milky. We have tried another brand, but I cnt remember the name of it.
    The flavoured ones are quite nice as well. I couldnt drink the plain stuff on my cereal. I couldnt handle the taste.

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    Soy Milky tastes the most like regular milk of all the ones I have tried (so good, bonsoy, Australia's own (? something like that), vitasoy). The full fat ones taste significantly better than the low fat ones as a rule, however the so-good one thats in the purple-ish carton was not bad either.

    Rice milk has a different texture and can be a bit grainy, but Milo drink this fine - its what he has if he gets gastro-induced lactose intolerance. Soy milk constipates him so he can't have that.

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    im a soy milk lover!

    I buy the one litre carton of long life "so good- no fat". It is seriously the best tasting one, even though it has no fat!

    I also reckon the Aldi lite soy is also pretty damn good for 99 cents!

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