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    I have been suffering from Urticaria for the past 6 to 7 months and one of my friends told me this disease name after hearing the symptoms. I am suffering from the itchy rashes almost on all parts of the body, severely on hands and legs. In the initial stages these rashes are not itchy but after a few days the itching becomes severe. Sometimes swelling of the lips also occurs. Most of the time these rashes starts in the evening and they starts disappearing after some hours. I am a pure vegetarian and I don?t have habits like smoking and drinking. Whenever these rashes started I used to take Avil or Cetrizine (anti allergy pills). I am really bothered about my situation. Once I have taken English medicine, but that was of no use. After few days, I went to a Homeopathic clinic after I started using the medicine I never faced the problem for the next two months. But after a few days they started again and with full intensity. I am continuing the same medicines but they are not showing any effect. Let me know whether this disease is curable or not. I will be grateful for your suggestion. Thanks!

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    Hi Viliam
    There are many forms of Urticaria, and for this reason you should go and get it checked out by a Doctor and not rely on the diagnosis of your friends. I note that you say that you are a “pure vegetarian” unfortunately the foods that can cause this condition include peanut, tree nuts, soy and wheat. Other causes include bacterial infections, some drugs, insect bites, and a number of other infections. Treatment usually consists of finding the cause of this problem and then treating that. But you may also be given some medications to help relieve the symptoms until the cause is found.

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