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Thread: Can anyone recommend a preggie yoga/pilates place Bayside?

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    Default Can anyone recommend a preggie yoga/pilates place Bayside?

    I seriously need to get motivated to exercise (almost through my first trimester - 2nd child). Can anyone recommend a good yoga class or similar in Melbourne bayside area? Would love to meet other mums-to-be! Thanks Sheens

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    Sheens I'm not sure where you are bayside wise, but there used to be a great pilates studio in Langwarrin, on Cranbourne Road.

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    Sheens, I used to live in Hampton and did a great prenatal aerobics class run by Changing Shape. It was held at a gym at Brighton Beach. I can highly recommend it. (not pilates, but a good start!)

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    Default Yoga Bayside Melbourne

    Hi there,

    Not sure how long ago you posted this but Bala Yoga Studio & Boutique has just opened up in Beaumaris (North Concourse). Pregnancy classes are available 5.30-7.00 pm Tue & 9-10.30 am Thu.


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