thread: Full body massage - what to expect?

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    Full body massage - what to expect?

    So tomorrow I'm going for my first ever massage

    It's a full body massage

    I have no idea what to expect, do they do front and back? Will I be naked?

    I guess I'm just wanting a rundown of a typical full body massage


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    Sep 2008

    Generally you would leave your knickers on When I've gone to places like Endota etc, they will ask what parts you'd prefer they work on, and will cover you with a towel and only uncover the bits they are currently working on. Generally most places start with your back, neck, arms, then do legs/feet. They get you to flip over (while holding up a towel for privacy, then massage the front of your legs, arms, hands, shoulders, head etc. They'll avoid the more 'intimate' parts of your body tehehehehe - unless you've booked a massage with a happy ending from a special kinda massage palour

    Good idea to wax or shave your legs before

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    The places Ive been I keep my knickers on and am wrapped up snug in a towel and warmed blankets. They do head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs then front of arms and legs. Some places will do your belly too but I think its something they generally ask first

    Enjoy your pamper!!!!

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    Expect to feel AMAZING! You lucky lady, I am so jealous!

    It depends where you are going, if it's just a shopping mall Asian massage place, they'll just use some thin material over your clothes and rub front and back excluding bum & chest.

    But if it's a real massage at a day spa, they'll generally ask you to leave only your underwear on, but will cover the parts they aren't working on with a towel and will ask you if you would like your chest touched.

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    When I go I am offered a disposable g-string which I put on. I am otherwise wearing nothing.
    You tell them what you are comfortable with
    I go the whole body, it's easier to get places like your glutes and so on when you are wearing nothing or the disposable g-string.
    It's lovely.
    They will cover you up with a towel so you don't get cold and are comfortable.


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    Each place and each therapist will always be slightlly different. Sometimes on the paperwork they will ask if there's any spots that you don't want massaged (such as tummy/chest etc), other times they don't ask but you can always specify. See if your therapist does the decolletage while you lie on your back. It's to die for. They do this sweeping thing from your forehead, down past your jaw, behind your neck and then around your decolletage. I could seriously just lie for an hour with that alone.
    The disposal undies are optional. I usually keep my own on and they will keep you covered with towels etc. When doing your back, they will pull your undies down just a little bit and tuck the towel in - that's normal. Feel free to tell them if the pressure is too light or too heavy for you and they should adjust it for you.
    Don't forget to drink plenty of water afterwards for the rest of the day, as massage releases toxins from your muscles and you need to flush it out of your system. Otherwise you can end up feeling like you're coming down with the flu if you don't drink any water (made that mistake once).
    Hopefully you get a great, nurturing therapist. Enjoy!

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    Are you going to a chinese massage therapist? Be prepared for some body on body contact! The last girl I had actually got on all fours ON me and walked up and down my back and legs. Was AH-MAZE-ING.

    Usually, I am naked, they cover with sheet or towels to keep you warm when they are not working on certain areas. Every full body massage I have ever had is head to toe FULL body. The only place I have never been touched is my stomach. Butt, thighs, feet, head, fingers, boobs, everywhere is done and it is simply sensational.

    Make sure you shower and scrub well before going, and I like to make sure I am waxed - just feels nicer - but don't go within a week of having it done or I end up with ingrown central.

    They will ask you to fill out a medical form - like preexisting condtions, problem areas, etc, very thorough. Don't be scared to ask them or tell them how you want it done - pressure, speed, etc. If you don't want them to do an area, just tell them not to and ask them to concentrate on the areas you want done. You need to be firm with your therapist - don't be shy or scared to ask for what you want or tell them they are being too rough or too gentle. If you don't like an oil they are using, tell them. If you want them to shut up, tell them


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    Thank you for the advice in this thread - i'm going away with dp next weekend and will have a couple of hours at the day spa, I like knowing what I might be experiencing lol , so glad I got my legs & bikini wax today

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