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Thread: In-liven for baby/toddler

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    Default In-liven for baby/toddler

    How much can i give my baby and toddler (8 months and 2.75 years)?

    and for the baby how can i administer it? i was thinking mixed with juice in a syringe, or what about mixed in a puree?

    My toddler is extremely fussy, how best can i give it to him? he would notice it in a drink? i was thinking of sneaking it in to a cream cheese sandwhich, one of the few things he'll eat.

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    I think it's a 1/4 of a teaspoon for the toddler - I'm not sure about the baby though hun.

    I would say it's worth trying it on a sandwich and see how that goes - you could always tell him it's special fairy dust or something. Or otherwise I don't think that much in orange juice would really change the taste so that could be another thing to try. GL - let us know how you go!

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    Great idea about the fairy dust, and thanks for the dosage, couldn't remember where i'd read it.

    Just wanted to mention that since i've been back on this i'm feeling a lot better too.

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