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Thread: Looking for a way to exercise with a young baby.

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    Default Looking for a way to exercise with a young baby.

    As I have a four month old that I'm still breastfeeding I need to find a time friendly way to keep fit! I do try walking to the shops most days (700 metres each way) but I think I need something slightly more energetic! I thought about curves as there workouts are so fast I could leave him with dh during this time. I don't want to lose weight- just get curves just about weight loss or general fitness too? Or maybe someone could recommend a good exercise dvd? Any ideas on exercising when you have a baby would be appreciated!

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    Hi Emma - I would recommend checking out your local library as they usually have loads of exercise DVDs and are free! Then you can try a few different things like pilates, yoga and aerobics and also the different video manufacturers. Your baby might tolerate just watching you as it is pretty funny watching mum bounce around otherwise you can increase your workout by putting him in a carrier and hoisting him around as well. Just make sure he doesnt cook as you heat up!!

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    Put bubs in the pram and walk, walk, walk! It's good for both of you and, best of all it's free!

    Celsie. xoxox

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    Pram walking with a baby is always a great way to exercise, without having to worry about who can mind bubs! Especially if you choose a route that goes up some hills... Maybe try extending your walk past the shops for an extra 15 mins, and then turning back, and going into the shop on your way back? Once you have done it a few times it will become more like a routine and you wont even have to think about it!

    I found joining a gym that had a creche for childminding to be excellent. I not only lost the weight I desired, but I felt so fit, strong, healthy and energetic as a result... and I made friends with some mums there too!

    I'm not too sure about curves, but I think it would help with overall fitness and strength - not just weight loss.

    Good luck with everything!

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    There are mother and baby yoga classes that you can do together with bub- check online or at your MCH centre.

    I believe curves is a general fitness workout - its sort of like a circuit class with weights and cardio that you do in 30 minutes. Have you thought about swimming? Its a great cardio workout and will help you to tone up as well. I find it easier on the bb's rather than jogging while I'm breastfeeding!
    Good luck!

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    I just joined a mum and bub personal training group which is run 3 days a week by the gold coast city council. Maybe try your local council and see if they do something like that?? Its a great way to meet other mums, get out of the house and have fun too!

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    I run with DD in the buggy. She loves it (fair bit older than your LO though) and the resistance of the buggy makes it a BRILLIANT workout.


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    I put my boys in the creche at the gym while I workout.
    They love it in there because they have all sorts of toys that we don't have at home and Wiggles DVDs.

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    Check out the link in this thread:
    [url=""]BellyBelly Forums ~ Pregnancy, Birth & Baby[/url]

    It's a fantastic PDF site... with baby massage and exercising with your baby - and it's all in photographs. So if you combined some of these exercises... with lots of walking... you'll be fit in no time!

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