thread: Personal Trainer Fees?

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    Mar 2006

    Personal Trainer Fees?

    Ok, so DH is happy for me to have 2 personal training sessions a week. I don't have gym membership but have a treadmill at home and a few other bits to do at home inbetween sessions. I have found a website for a guy which looks like it is what I need... but it is $$$. So, what is a reasonable amount to pay for a PT?

    I can go to a local gym and have PT sessions (without being a member of the gym) and pay $64 a session (I assume a session is an hour).

    or the guy I am interested in has the following fee structure...

    Personal Training

    100 pack @ $69 per session

    48 pack @ $79 per session

    24 pack @ $84 per session

    12 pack @ $89 per session

    (48 & 100 packs include a FREE Individually Personalised Eating Plan, added value to you $199)

    there is a payment plan for the 100 and 48 session packs but don't know what that it. His sessions are 45 min.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Jan 2009
    hiding under my desk!

    our pts charge 35 per half hour...
    i havent used them yet....
    we also have a pt training studio in town so like a gym but you have to use a pt there..