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    Default Pro Activ?

    Just wanting to find out if anyone on here uses Pro Activ and what they think of it? I wanted to try it out but I hate the way they try and lock you into a contract where they send you out a new lot intermittently. I would prefer to try it out without feeling the pressure to continue!

    Even their trial package on the website locks you in to purchase more at the end of the 30 day trial.

    Is there anywhere other than the website where it can be purchased so that I can get it as I need it - or, is there a better alternative product?

    I have always had pimples on my chin that just won't go away and I'm so conscious about it (it's one of the reasons why I hate having photos taken, I look awful). I've tried numerous store-bought products with no positive results, and also some expensive products that were just as useless. Pro Activ seems to have a number of endorsements and I have been in two minds about trying it out for the last six months or so!

    Any help or input is greatly appreciated

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    I tried it a couple of years ago and found it to be very harsh on my skin. I used the complete 4 steps but found I was also using another moistureiser so my skin didn't go too dry. It has benzyl peroxide in it so if you wipe your hands on a towel to dry then after use it will leave big bleeched hand prints on the towels. I stopped using it after a couple of months because it didn't really work that well and I figured something that bleeches towels can't really be that healthy or good for my skin.

    Sorry that it's a negative post but I'd prefer to be honest.

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    hey hun

    i use it and love it. I only use it once a day instead the twice recomended or my skin peels

    You can try it from ebay its where i got mine.

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    I also use it once a day and it is great. I only use the 3 step ones.

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