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Thread: ratsac smelling furniture

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    Default ratsac smelling furniture

    Hi all;

    SO I am posting here, although Im not that sure if its in the right place; so please move if needed!!!

    So for the last 2 months we have had the entire contents of our home in a storage unit until we could find a place to stay. (for this time we have been lucky enough to stay with DH's family)
    Thankfully we have found a house and will move in in the next couple of weeks.
    However, we now face the problem that the storage unit has ratsac, or similar rodent killing things in it. And when we moved the stuff in the smell was absolutely incredible! Now Im sure that our tings will stink like it, and with me been pregnant and having an 18month old DD running around, I am sure that it cannot be good for either of us, DH included!
    So does anyone know how to get this stuff out of our furniture and the rest of our belongings?
    BTW, the ratsac stuff was in little containers when we moved it all in, and I am pretty sure that none of it has touched our things, but the smell is dreadful!

    Cheers in advance


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    Not sure but maybe you could try Febreeze or Nilodor.

    Good luck !

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