thread: Sprained finger

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    Sep 2007

    Sprained finger

    Sounds silly, but I sprained/jarred my finger at netball training last night. It normally wouldn't be a problem... if it wasn't the last round of prelim finals & our last chance to get into the grand final tomorrow.

    I hurt it & had 5 minutes then went back to training. 10 minutes later catching the ball was impossible. It started to swell so I iced it. Came home & iced it for another hour or 2.

    Today its still swollen & its nicely bruised

    I need to be able to catch the ball by tomorrow. I will just have to grin & bear it, but any idea's on reducing the swelling/bruising & pain before tomorrow? I guess more ice would be a good start. I have anti inflammitories, would they help at all? At least if the swelling went down I could move my finger.

    I strapped it this arvo, but will that help at all?

    I feel so silly winging & asking advice for a sore (black!) finger

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    Apr 2009
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    I feel your pain!

    Grab some magic spray if you can (Elastoplast ice spray) - it sort of numbs it.

    You can tape it to the finger next to it while you play.

    Probably unconventional- but move it, to break up the swelling and bruising.

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    Sep 2007

    I have been moving it, as far as it'll go. Too much swelling to straighten it & bend too far. Could feel it stiffening last night, so was trying to keep moving, but that might've made it worse then

    Will ice it for the rest of tonight & I have a similar spray in the pantry I forgot about. All natural pain relief spray. Not sure it'll help, but will give it a go.

    I'm sure if the swelling goes it'll be 100% better! I think thats causing more pain than the bruising.

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    Mar 2004

    Rest it too. No more wiggling.

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    Nov 2009
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    ibuprofen will help with the swelling, and ice it regularly