thread: Suffering from blurred vision and having headache!

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    Suffering from blurred vision and having headache!

    Hi, I am suffering from blurred vision and often have headaches. I fear it is some transient disorder, but it could be something more serious. Can someone suggest me as to what to do? Your suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Jul 2007
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    I think because of the blurred vision I'd be going to the Dr. pretty quick. I have not idea what may be wrong possibly nothing but the blurred vision is unusual. Good luck.

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    If you're having blurred vision all the time then go to the Drs!
    Sometimes if I have a really bad headache or a migrane I get blurred vision or blind spots but that goes away once I'm better.

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    Nov 2005

    I agre, go see you doctor

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    Are they the only two symptoms? How long have you had them?

    I agree, see your doctor... and let us know what he said. Goodluck