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Thread: Tall women's skin cancer risk

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    Default Tall women's skin cancer risk

    I just heard about this on the radio & looked it up;

    The Daily Telegraph:
    TALL women and those who put on weight are more likely to develop deadly melanoma, a study by Australian scientists has found.

    Researchers are puzzled by the results of a major review of skin cancer patterns that found women's body size appears to be linked to their disease risk.

    The team from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research reviewed eight studies involving almost 5,000 women, including half with melanoma.

    They found that the tallest one-quarter of individuals in the study were 30 per cent more likely to have melanoma than shorter women.

    "We found this risk greater among women less than 50 years of age,'' said study leader Dr Catherine Olsen, who collaborated with researchers in the US, UK, Canada and Italy.

    Other studies have suggested that taller women are also more likely to develop breast and colon cancer.

    The researchers, writing in the International Journal of Cancer, said the association between height and cancer risk was not clear.

    Height could be related to hormones that may play a role in the development of cancer, they suggest.

    Or height could be a marker for extra calories consumed in growth periods like childhood and adolescence, a suggested cancer risk seen in animal research.

    Dr Olsen said it might even be that taller women spend more time in the sun, though there is little proof of this.

    The study, which involved 2,083 women with melanoma and 2,782 healthy controls, also found that putting on two kilograms or more in weight boosted melanoma risk by 50 per cent.

    She said weight gain could contribute to risk by affecting hormone metabolism.

    The team called for similar studies to identify the links between body size and cancer risk in men.
    Cancer Council Australia chief executive Professor Ian Olver said it would be difficult to establish the factors in height and weight gain that were linked to disease, but it was likely to related to a third factor like hormones, diet or increased body surface area.

    Melanoma, the most aggressive kind of skin cancer, is more common in Australia and New Zealand than any other country.

    The strongest risk factors are severe and repeated sun exposure, and pale skin, as well as a rare genetic association, Prof Olver said.
    As a woman who is tall, pale & chubby, this is not the kind of article I like to see!! Infact, I was thinking of asking the Doc about a dodgy looking mole on my back when I take Scally to get immunised next week.

    Does anybody else hate all these studies, especially the ones that come out saying something like 'Coffee is good for treating *insert condition of your choice*' & then the next day; 'Coffee causes *insert condition of your choice*'??!

    I'm slightly nervous now...! :S

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    Uh oh, it's all that extra surface area LOL! Which is a bit of problem cos I've got waaay more surface area than some.

    So here's a list of why being TALL is not as great as all the shorties would imagine:
    Shorties always asking you to get things down from the top shelf at the shops
    Never enough room for your legs in the cinema
    Tall = big feet = can never find shoes you like
    Pants are always too short!
    Cold ankles (pants, above, and socks too short)
    People think you're scary
    Highheels become ridiculous
    You have to wade out much further before you can't touch the bottom at the pool
    You can see the dust on everyone's fridge
    You have to adjust the car seat and mirrors everytime you drive

    and now, skin cancer!! What next?

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    Gee, guess I'm safe cos I'm a shorty. But I'm a fat shorty. So does that mean that I'm still high risk cos I'm a chubber?

    And I can't believe people actually get PAID for doing these "studies" when all it is used for is scaremongering.

    Just my opinion of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marydean View Post
    Shorties always asking you to get things down from the top shelf at the shops
    Tall = big feet = can never find shoes you like

    Oh I hear you on these!!

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    thats me than.
    In addition pants, tops also are never long enough - thats probably why I'm at increased risk of sun exposure! lol

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    hi ladies,

    my mum passed away almost 3 yrs ago from melanoma and she wasn't fat or tall so i wouldn't worry too much. a lot of it is hereditary and also lifestyle. what a stupid study......if its going to happen it will happen. i don't spend my life worrying about the huge chance i might get it cos then i'd be a mushroom. just enjoy life i say!!

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