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Thread: Thrush?

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    Default Thrush?

    I think I have a dose of thrush. It is very itchy and uncomfortable. Will it get better on its own? Or do I have to brave the humiliation of going to the pharmacy where I know most of the people socially? Any natural remedies?

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    Yep, some really great natural remedies actually, I used to get really bad cases of thrush, I found out I was actually alergic to the creams What I do is:

    At night, get a clove of garlic, and peel it. Score it a little bit. The pop it inside your vagina overnight. If you want (I do) poke a hole through it and tie some floss or something on to make a string so it's easier to get out it the morning. Sounds weird but gatlic is amazing! Google it for thrush. Do that for 1 or two nights. I also apply natural yougurt to the area and leave that for a bit, usually wearing a pad. Again, natural yougurt is an amazing remedy. Then, if it's really bad, dabbing the area with a bit of vinegar does well too. But yogurt and definately the garlic should be enough to clear it up! Like I said, I know it sounds odd, but it works! Good luck

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    Check out my thread on garlic... along with the many rave reviews
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