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Thread: waxing

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    lol...good man your hubby!! I had DF use the trimmer on me few times when I was pregnant, I just couldnt reach around that far! lol
    pmsl @ cat...maybe if we all focus hard enough at once it will just fall out?

    **TMI warning!**
    I'm a bit like you though Cricket - I cant shave, so I trim it with the best invention ever, my remmington trimmer (its like a small version of a buzz cutter) and its pink, cos its for girls bits (lol) and hair removal cream...although sometimes that gives me a rash too! No brazillians here - but we can trim!

    Thanks for the hijack Hollo!!

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    i usually use one of those mens electric shavers to make it shorter and then shave it afterwards. i wonder if you could get some of the hair removal creme that you can use in that area?

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