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Thread: What does a broken rib feel like?

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    Default What does a broken rib feel like?

    For the past 2 days I thought I pulled a muscle in my left side but today it is so much worse and now doesn't feel like a pulled muscle anymore. Last night I had to sleep on my stomach as I was getting really sharp pains, it hurts when I breath, cough, laugh, burp anything. I'm starting to wonder if I have broken a rib but I've done nothing that would have caused this. Today it is so tender I can't even touch the area and it doesn't help that I have to carry DD around as she is not walking yet. I should probably go to the doctor but I know that even if it is a broken rib there is really nothing that can be done. Just wondering if anyone has had a broken rib, what does it feel like?


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    Could also be a dis-articulated rib - where the rib pops off the sternum or the spine where it sits.
    this happened to me - i got it from BF of all things, i think that i was lying in an akward spot... Anyway, i happened to be on a course run by an osteo that day and she popped it back in (hurt but the relief was almost instant.)
    Pain was exactly as you discribed, also hurt to move my arm.

    Unfortunatly there is no treatment for a broken rib.
    I would go and see someone, a physio may be a good start of you have never seen an osteo or chiro before - or go see a Dr. If you have broken a rib you could be at risk of doing further damage if it is near your lung...

    HTH and you feel better soon

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