thread: What to have for breakfast?

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    Dec 2008

    What to have for breakfast?

    I am not a breakfast eater and never have been. I don't like milk so never eat cereal unless it's muesli with yoghurt.

    What can I have for breakfast which is quick and easy to prepare but yummy?

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    You could have an egg (make an omelet or boil them the ways to cook eggs are endless!) on toast or a low fat cheese and tomato ( I love this with a bit of mayo and onion flakes) sandwich. Baked beans on toast are nice too.
    Personally I love cereal and I usually have weetbix (they aren't the best tasting but they are easily portion controlled! and are nice with a bit of 2 fruits or tinned peaches on top)
    Try to add a piece of fruit (in season I love to have an orange)
    Make sure you are getting enough calcium with yoghurt (natural is best) or cheese.

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    Seedy toast with a yummy spread

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    Try a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon. It gives you a nice morning lift and can stimulate your appetite.

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    Jul 2006

    I was going to say yoghurt and museli. A non milk based protein shake with a banana, fruit salad, toast with cream cheese, actually toast with whatever you want. Home made muffins, english muffins with cream cheese and salmon, crumpets and honey!!!

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    Jan 2009

    I was going to say a smoothie, except you don't like milk......I make mine with skim milk, couple spoons of vanilla yoghurt, a banana and 1 weekbix. It's actually quite filling and yummy. Somethimes I skip the youghurt and have some milo in it instead.

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    I agree - hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice is a brilliant way to begin the day. It kick-starts your metabolism, wakes your liver up, and helps to cleanse the digestive system. Following that, you really can't go past:

    1. A good quality muesli with seeds and nuts (high protein, high essential fatty acids). It is best to soak your muesli overnight to make all the grains, seeds and nuts easier to digest. You can soak your muesli in water, milk (cow/soy/oat/rice), apple juice or yoghurt.

    2. Porridge Use oats, buckwheat, polenta, rolled rice, quinoa, millet etc. add a grated apple or pear, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a small handful of sultanas or currants. Perfect winter breakky. An easy way to prepare porridge for the whole family is to pop it in a slow-cooker overnight, and wake up to a piping hot pre-made pot of porridge. You can do amazing things with simple porridge - my favourites are adding shredded coconut and berries to the final cooking stages, or sliced banana, cinnamon and dried cranberries.

    3. Smoothies are a great quick way to start the day. Include natural yoghurt, a banana, a handful of fresh or frozen berries, milk of some description, and some protein powder if you're keen. Sip slowly - this is a food, not a drink
    4. Eggs on toast provide complete protein and sustained energy throughout the day. Go for poached or scrambled, or try a vegie-filled fritatta or omlette. Sourdough bread is much easier to digest, and tasty too.

    5. Baked beans on toast are also a great complete protein breakky - again, choose sourdough bread, and add some fresh tomato, spring onions, baby spinach or mushrooms to your beans as they heat up. Sounds laborious, but is a really quick meal to prepare. Serve with grated parmesan and freshly ground black pepper.

    6. Simple toast can be fantastic if you top it properly. Sourdough with avocado, fresh sliced tomato and some fresh herbs or sea salt is lovely. Nut butters such as ABC (almond, brazil & cashew) are great and provide plenty of protein. Sardines on toast are absolutely awesome healthwise, but I understand that facing those little critters first thing in the morning is only attempted by the brave!

    7. Miso soup is a fantastic light breakky - it sits really well, digests brilliantly, and provides great protein. Organic instant miso soup is available for people with limited preparation time.

    Anyway, there's a few ideas. Always steer clear of high sugar breakfasts and processed cereals. These will sky-rocket your blood sugar levels, causing a sudden drop later in the day. This is often when people turn to caffeinated drinks or sweet/high carb foods to get their energy levels back up.

    One more note on breakky, many cultures believe that we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a priest, and dinner like a pauper. So go big with breakfast, and reduce your meal size as the day goes on!

    Happy feasting