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Thread: Would you order contacts over the net? and where can i go for contact prescription?

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    Default Would you order contacts over the net? and where can i go for contact prescription?

    Hey guys.

    I'm thinking about going back to wearing contacts, as I?ve been wearing glasses basically since DS was born. The reason I switched back was I found my eyes were super dry and itchy all the time with contacts, which my optometrist said can happen from b/f. Once I was b/feeding less and then pregnant with DD I was going to move back over, but we got a little poor so I stuck with the glasses.

    Now I really have to move, as I?m starting my business soon (in massage) and i find it hard to massage with glasses on, because if I ever have to adjust them I end up oil on the lenses, and then i can't do anything about it for the whole massage.

    I know some people who order contacts over the internet (I forget the name of the site), and they say it is so much cheaper, which would be a really good thing for us. Are they as good as getting directly from your optometrist (I was using the 2 week disposable ones)?

    And I need a prescription for my contacts to order them, so I figured I would get my eyes checked at the same time. Only problem is I?m too embarrassed to go back to the optometrist I?ve been seeing for the last 10+ years, as I feel like a cheap-skate, so I want to go somewhere else. Are there people who check eyes but don't sell glasses? Or are those people ophthalmologists? Because I?m assuming I don't really need to see one of them, just somebody ordinary. I have a HCC, so somewhere that bulk bills would be good also.


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    Hey Yael, If you havn't had your eyes tested in the last two years, i am pretty sure it is covered by medicare. You can go somewhere, have the eye test, get your prescription and then just tell them you are going to have a think about it and a look around.

    Hmmm not sure on the optemetrist who doesn't sell glasses thing...... hope someone else can help.

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    Hi Yael,
    Regardless of the healthcare card and the medicare bulk billing if over two years since last consultation-all optometrists charge for contact lens consultations as medicare do not rebate us for them. yes you can see an opthal for the test but a lot of them use outdated equipment for testing as their specialty is eye disorders.The consultation fee is usually around the 60 to 90 mark depending on the practise,unless your prescription is a combined power of a - or +5.00 which is quite bad. O therwise ridiculously so medicare deem this to be cosmetic. i know ridiculous but true. At opsm on line you can get great deals on contact lenses which are comparable with the online stores and if you call the local store they will price match any price you can get from anywhere just talk to the manager. Make sure you get the entire prescription when its written. Some optometrists will be tricky and not write down all the data you need. you need brand,base curve,and sphere power as well as any astigmatic numbers if there are any. HTH

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    You usually find that most optoms will do a check under medicare if you have worn lenses before (therefore going back to your original consulting optometrist) or walk in with your boxes,,they geneally have all the base curves and all the optom has to do is quickly verify them. By law they have to give you a copy of your prescription and if you have been going to your local unchained store you will find that most of the more popular brands are on the websites.
    Yael ask about the more hydriating silicon gel lenses they dont dry out and cause itching they there is so many more on the market than what was around years ago.

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    Hee hee I go through OPSM and have for a few years now. I go to my local OPSM store for my prescription checks etc...then I use opsmdirect to actually order my lenses as needed. I just put in an order a few days ago, the ones I get are around $56 per box and I have 2 different prescriptions in each eye so get 2 boxes each time. Last time I checked in store the lenses I get are $99 per box in store so it is a huge saving for me.
    Bascially when I log on with my details it remembers everything like my address, CC details (securely) etc that I used last time and asks where I would like them to retrieve my prescription from and I tick the box that says OPSM Glen Waverley which is where it is held.

    My eyes have always been really dry and scratchy with lenses, but over time I have gotten used to them and there are lots of different brands out now that breathe and are more comfortable.

    I would recommend that you go in and get them to do a check up for your script, explain that you haven't worn them for years and would like to test out a few different brands before buying a box. They have little samples of most brands they can give you. Once you find the ones that you like I would then order them online!

    Right I rambled a bit but have to say I find the service excellent. I ordered on Monday night and would expect that they will be here today or tomorrow as they sent an email yesterday saying my order had been dispatched!
    Good luck with it and if you want any other info let me know!

    ETA - I had mine checked while pg with Izzy last time and although she said the shape of your eyes changes during pregnancy (how odd is that!) I told them that I wore contacts EVERY day and needed my script to order more! I'm pretty sure mine was bulk billed so I would check with them about payment etc.
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    You could also try budgeteyeweardirect which is usually at least $10, sometimes $30!, cheaper on contacts than the opsm website. Or you could get their prices and get OPSM to match. It looks the same to the OPSM direct online store but the prices are different. HTH.
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