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    Big bed

    I want to have a rational discussion about the big bed. I am a reasonable human being and donít like to see anybody get their feelings hurt.

    Daddy, this post is specifically for you as I can tell you are struggling with your place in this family during the night hours. The question looms every single evening: Who does mommy belong to?

    Itís easy for me to point out the obvious fact that she and I are blood relatives while you two seem to have some sort of contractual relationship, but I want to acknowledge your emotional problems. Who wouldnít want to snuggle with her? Sheís soft and smells great.

    Daddy, are you scared of the dark? Itís OK if you are (LOL) but I just want to know because I am. I know the two of you are convinced that the Fischer Price Ocean Wonders Turtle Nightlight thing is some kind of proverbial night watchman, but I assure you if an owl tried to collect my eyes at 10PM, that $50 construction would prevent nothing.

    My own personal security aside (!), I know that my nighttime requests, occasional flatulence, REM screaming, and kicks to the face can be disconcerting. Thereís also only so much space in our bed and I fully own up to taking up 70-80% of it.

    Delicate question: Is it the pee pee? I know rising for a fresh new day partially drenched in someone elseís urine isnít ideal but I looked it up on Wikipedia and my liquid waste is sterile. You wonít get sick. You may even repel bears during the day. <Ė I havenít had a chance to confirm this.

    I feel as if Iím missing something when it comes to your attachment to the big bed. Something I canít quite put my finger on.

    Bottom line: Nobody likes to sleep alone. You need a restful nightís slumber to prepare for a day ofÖ.I donít know what, and I see how Iíve been a barrier to this.

    Daddy, I see you. I hear you. Youíll be thrilled to know that Iíve come up with a solution that you are sure to find not only satisfactory but quite generous if I do say so myself.


    Wait for it

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    Love it. Very considerate of Daddy's point of view.

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    Dec 2007

    So funny!!!

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    Funny cos it's true - for about 8 months DH slept on one of these while Liebs and I had the double bed.

    We now have a kingsize and manage the three of us OK.

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    Have sent it to DH so he has plenty of warning about his future sleeping arrangements if Miss A gets her way ;-)

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    on a big patch of paradise.

    What a practicle little thinker

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    Jan 2007

    Haha love that! DS would agree with that..