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    We are having a few issues with Iz, mainly sleep time and the usual "no's", fighting with J, refusals to tidy up etc..

    Time outs don't work, rewards charts are ok but I don't really like them so I am wondering what books people would recommend for some strategies that may help. I have read Toddler Tactics and the Secret of Happy Children, 5 Love Languages and some others I can't remember!


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    The Science of Parenting by Margot Sunderland is AWESOME!!!! xx

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    Thanks Sue, that is one that I think I definitely need to get my hands on, does it have info for older kids as well as babies? I know lots of people talk about it in regard to CIO, feeding etc and we are a bit past that now.

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    Yes, definitely what MummaSue said. Except now it's called 'What every parent needs to know' It has advice for all ages.

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