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Thread: co-sleeping - what happens when No 2 comes?

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    Default co-sleeping - what happens when No 2 comes?


    My DD is now 16 months old, and hence my DH and I are thinking about starting to try for No 2 in few months. We have always coslept with DD, and she is still in our bed. I enjoy having her sleeping with us, but am wondering what will happen when no 2 comes. We're thinking that it may be best if we move DD into her bedroom before this happens, because I'm afraid that either DD wakes no 2 or vice versa.

    What did/do/will you do?

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    I was chatting with someone the other night and came up with this exact question.

    My solution was of course to get a bigger bed - but there is a limit to the practicality of that option

    Will be very interested to hear what other people think.

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    i'm sleeping with both mine atm, and as soon as ds2 stirs i put him on the boob before he cries so he never wakes ds1. if he starts getting too upset/noisey i get up with him and we go sit on the lounge until he's settled and then return to bed. ds2 is a very good/sound sleeper now though.
    so far it's going really well, not sure how it will work as ds2 gets older though, but we just take things day by day around here.

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    Get a bigger bed If your bed is as big as it gets I have seen people with 2 Queen mattresses on the floor

    As for the waking they learn pretty quickly to go straight back to sleep if it happens. I just put Ash straight on the boob when he stirs and he never cries at night. The ONLY time he has cried at night is when I have left him in his cot instead of bringing him to bed when I go to bed.

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    Now I have a difficult decision to make. I think my DH wants DD to be out of our bed before no 2 arrives (or even before that!), and hence having 2 kids in the bed is not something that he sees it as an option. To be honest, I don't mind having them both in our bed as long as they don't wake each other. I'm also worried how DD will think about moving out of our bed and having a new baby in the family. Will she feel resentful towards no 2? etc. Well, at least I have a plety of time to ponder (given that I'm not even pregnant yet)!

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