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    How much sleep are 4mth bubbas meant to have?

    My CMHN said that 30-45min naps are not long enough.
    MJ will have about 3 of these aday, but will not resettle after waking.
    The only time she will have a long sleep is when she is in the pram, i do walk most days and leave her in it after we reture (bring the pram in the house) but if she is in her cot or on her bouncer (she likes to rock herself to sleep sometimes) she wonts sleep for long.

    Is this OK?

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    CHN like to freak people out I am sure

    Jack survived quite fine on 40 min naps at about 11mths we graduated to 2 2 hr naps and now at 21 mths we have apporx 1 x 1 1/2 hrs

    if she is happy and growing fine she is fine

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    My DD catnapped most of the time too. We rarely had more than 45mins at a time, though she was like clockwork going to sleep every 2 1/2- 3hrs. Only at night did we get more than an hour at a time. Even right up until she dropped some day sleeps, so until about 11mths, she would only have 3 45min sleeps a day. Now we usually have 30-40mins in the morning and 1-1 1/2hrs in the arvo. Occaisionally she only has one 2hr sleep, but that's not often.
    If your DD is alert happy and energetic, I say don't worry!!

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    Punky hardly ever slept longer than 45 mins in the day (when she would sleep at all lol) but has been gradually sleeping a little bit longer over the last few days.

    IMO every bub is different - like adults - some need more sleep than others & if she is happy when she is awake & healthy then I don't see a single thing wrong with shorter day sleeps!!

    Hope you get a little longer at night though hehe.

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    MY DS has never slept longer than 40 mins at a time in the day either. In fact, of 10 women (and 11 kids) in my mothers group, ONLY the twins sleep longer, and I'm sure it's because they are not alone.

    Two of the bubbas don't even do 40 mins so I'm thinking myself lucky at the moment.

    DS has 3-4 40 min sleeps a day. I know CHN's say it's not enough, but it's just how he works so it's fine! He's happy and rested.

    Whatever works for you.

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    my dd is 9 weeks and she doesnt sleep during the day much. about 20min is the longest i think. i am tryint o get her to sleep in the porta cot but she wont sleep at all. the only way i can get her to sleep during the day is to have her on my chest.

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    Sassy - I've just posted a thread in the general baby discussion about the same thing - bubs will generally only sleep on my chest if we are at home, and occasionally once she is asleep, i can transfer her to the sling.

    SammieJane - my little one is the same - will sleep out and about in the pram, either at the shopping centre (though i'm trying not to go to often as i just end up spending money we don't have lol) or just out walking, the prob is most of the time as we get home, she wakes up and then won't remain in her pram - although she did prove me a liar yesterday and stayed asleep for another hour or so at home. but most of the time during the day, its short little naps here and there.

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