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Thread: Early waking

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    Oh Feathertop . I don't have any real advice, my 4 yo wakes up early (around 5-ish) and sometimes in the middle of the night. She comes into bed with us and will snuggle back to sleep there. Have you tried lying down with him in his bed if it's not possible to bring him into your bed?

    Have you got some support during the day?

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    There was a similar ish thread recently, and some people wrote that that they gave their little ones an alarm clock. One was a specific kids alarm clock that had a different picture (a day picture), that came up at a certain time- so you could set it for 7 and the kid can play on their bed and is allowed to get up when the day picture comes up. Another suggestion was just a digital alarm with the minute numbers covered up, but they taught the kid what a 7 looks like, and when there was a 7 on the clock then they were allowed to get up out of bed. I thought they were good ideas and filed them away for future ref.

    ETA: here is the thread if you want some more ideas
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    Well... she seems to be breaking the habit... BUT NOW I CAN'T!

    I've been awake since 5.30am... Jazz is still asleep!

    Go figure, but the lighter it seems to get, the longer she sleeps. Maybe she's been waking at the same time and because she can't see anything she gets a bit scared and cries, but now its lighter she's opening her eyes, seeing shes in her room, and going back to sleep? I tried a night light but Shel kept turning it of because she thought it would wake her up.

    I will keep that alarm clock in mind though, sounds great for her if she continues...

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