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Thread: Gentle Parenting is infectious!

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    Default Gentle Parenting is infectious!

    Just thought I'd share......

    From about 18 months, Olivia has had a couple (several) testing toddler times. One of them was hitting, where she wold look me in the eye and hit me (on the leg or arm) if she wasn't getting her way. Each & every time it happened, me or Andrew would sit on the floor at her level with her, hold her hands, look her in the eye and explain, calmly, "Olivia, no hitting. We do not hit in this family. No hitting darling. You must not hit. If you are angry/frustrated/annoyed, we can help you fix it, but you must not hit" (You get the drift)

    Anyway, this worked and she hasn't done any hitting in months, thank goodness.

    Anyway, Charlie is now of the age where he is very mobile and very "grabby" and often, in his enthusiasm, grabs my face, hair, neck, ear etc etc. Yesterday we were all rolling on the floor together and he grabbed my nose (and it hurt!) I must have kind of winced and exclaimed, because Olivia came running to my defence with this little pearler:

    "No hitting Charlie. No hurting. We don't hit. Gentle Charlie please" !!!!!!!!

    Out of the mouths of was funny and cute and heartwarming. Especially when she then came up to me and said "Kiss it better Mummy? 'Livia kiss it better?"!

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    That is reaaaaally really cute! A lovely bit of Karma for you.

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    Ahhhh Rissy does that too most of the time. Amazing how it pays off hey!!! It's just like being a mother though isn't it, all the hard stuff you do now you don't get to see the real rewards until much later!
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    Awww... that's beautiful!

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    Awww that is so adorable.

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