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Thread: HELP?! sethys DRs visit.

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    Default HELP?! sethys DRs visit.


    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place, im still familiarising myself with the forum. feel free to move it mods

    Ok, Sethy has had a mystery sore that has been on his wrist for about a week or so now. It started looking really red and infected so i took him to the Drs today and got it seen to... apparently it's a school sore...
    Now, i must be living a sheltered life cause i've never heard of a school sore before. How did he get it?
    Also, the antibiotics are a mission to get him to take. he's really good at taken nurofen and stuff but the anitbiotics is so hard. any tips on how to make it easier?
    I feel so horrible!!

    Also, i got a referal to a peadiatrician as he's got a REALLY bad tongue tie... anyways elses munchkins had a bad tongue tie and had it snipped???

    aaaaand, (lol) his ankles roll in quite badly to... is that fixable? he's flat footed...

    ahh, im all over the place at the moment.. hope this made sense.. .

    any help on any three issues is GREATLY appreciated...

    Thanks in advance...

    Eryn xoxo

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    schools sores are quite contagious there is another name, impetigo I think.

    My DS had a tongue tie, his was not very bad but was interfereing with feeding and was snipped @ 7 weeks.

    loose joints - there is a thread on this in the Childrens Medical Conditions forum, here. It mentions hips in particular but may still be useful? The paed. should be able to help you.

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    School sore is a type of sore that is caused by environmental bacteria. They are usually treated with Antibacterial creams or oral ABs.

    They are wildly contagious, (hence "school sores" as they can go around a school like wildfire) but like all bacteria he might have picked it up anywhere.

    My tip for taking ABs - use a syringe (easy to measure the dose) then squirt it into his mouth near his cheek. Maybe use a lolly as a bribe once he has swallowed it?

    Sorry don't have any experience with tongue tie and the ankles, I hope that all goes well!

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    HI there,
    My DD sees a physio as she was very prem and has low muscle tone resulting in her ankles rolling right over. The physio advised me that babies/toddlers are all flat footed as they don't develop arches until they start standing on tippy toes etc. Anyway, my DD is not walking and has the ankles rolling over which effect her stability. So the physio had her assessed by a pead. orthopeadic person and she will have orthotics to help correct her ankles. If it is effecting his walking and you are concerned, I would go to see a pead. orthapeadic doctor.

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