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Thread: how do i prepare my toddler for baby number 2

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    Default how do i prepare my toddler for baby number 2

    Hi everyone,
    I have a 22 month old and I am due to give birth in March.My son is very much a mummy's boy. He still sleeps beside us(which we choose to do). I am nervous that no mater how much we prepare him,that he is going to get terribly upset when his little brother comes along.He has also started biting or hittinf,sometimes out of frustration sometimes just because he can.We have always used the gentle parenting approach and even many of the attatchment patenting technique's but I am so tired I find myself often struggling not to raise my voice.Everyone keeps saying just put him in care.That is great and may work but i don't feel that he is ready yet.
    Any advice would be welcomed.

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    My son was 27 months when I had my last bub.. He did a lot better then I thought. admittedly the tantrums esculated but they are lessening now. All you can do is talk to them but not to much.. Don't bug them with it.. and just play it by ear.. Sometimes if we just relax and pretend it is no big deal they will to....

    The biting and hitting is so normal for this age, All you can do is gently say No we don't bite or No we don't hit.. Or not say anything just remove yourself from the situation and let him get his fristrations out..

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    I think mya was around 20-22 months(i know i should know) when bodhi was born. I tried all sorts of things to prepare her. eg...letting her rub my tummy & feel bodhi kick,putting the toddler seat on the pram & going for a walk & baby doll of her own(i have heard this also can work for boys). We used to change her babies nappies & give it bottles etc.... But when it actually came to bringing bodhi home she had a real hard time. Sometimes i would catch her giving bodhi a little kick or a shove & saying "go away now". It truely broke my heart. It was hard to begin with. All u can do is try to get them involved. She used to help me at bath time by gently shampooing his hair, passing me the towel & handing me nappies etc...
    It really didnt take that long for her to get used to him being around. Now she absolutly adores him. Sometimes when other people pick him up she will say " NOoooo my Bodhi" haha!
    I did put her into daycare after bodhi was born for 1 day a week. It did help her in my opinion. But if u feel ur son isnt ready, theres no need to rush into it.
    Mya's daycare teacher told us to use the term " gentle hands" whenever she got a bit rough. It does work.....we still use it now.

    ANway, good luck with it all & congrats on pg

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    Hi Amy,
    thanks for your honesty i am happy to hear that even though it was hard dhe did come around. I feel better hearing that.i think there is only so much you can do to prepare a child so young for such a life altering adjustment, and let's be honest even though we prepare ourselves even we are suprised.

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