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Thread: How old was your baby/child when they had their first sleep over?

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    Default How old was your baby/child when they had their first sleep over?

    Angus had his first sleep over last night with my Mum and Dad and it went really well.

    They managed to settle him in his cot (he has a little one at their place) and he slept in there till 4am, sometimes he only makes it to 1 or 2 am at home. Then he co-slept with them till 6am, then they all got up together. They normally wouldn't get up that early but they were sick of fingers in their ears, up nose, etc.

    And Mum and Dad used cloth all weekend. I just gave them the bucket to dry pail and all went really well. They used GKs during the day and a WC with a wool cover at night. Easy peasy!

    Wow, it was heaven for DH and me. We had a little glimpse back in time to what our life used to be like (and it was pretty bloody good). We went out for dinner to a really nice restaurant and slept in till 8am!!! We both feel great!

    Mum and Dad loved it too but they were so tired and really ready to give him back.

    (I know, we are such a lucky family. Don't worry, we appreciate each other and cherish every moment.)

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    hehe.. Glad you had a good night..

    My child was 6 before he had a sleep over lol.. And that was at my inlaws..

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    Nina is yet to have a sleep over anywhere. Unfortunately we don't have anyone offering!
    But that's great that he slept well for them. It must have been absolute bliss for you guys.

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    Caitlin was just over 3 1/2 when she spent four nights at my inlaws while I was on a school placement.

    She had had sleeps at mums during the day, but never a sleep over.

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    makon still hasnt hes 2.5! mt MIL always is asking but i say when we are ready it will happen

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    Default Sleep Overs

    From the title of this i thought the thread may have been about kids having sleep overs at other kids houses, which is a debate for us at the moment. I have told dd she needs to wait till she is 8 for that.
    But her first sleep over was at my mums when she was 3 months old - we had a wedding to go to (and i had such a horrible night, its terrible fretting over the first time you leave your baby!! i still remember that awful feeling in my gut)

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    My Ds was 3 months old too - and we had a wedding as well! He stayed with my sister and BIL and was an angel for them! Woke once during the night for a feed then back to sleep until 9am. At the time it was horrible leaving him and i worried all day and for weeks before hand,but my sister was great - sent me texts and a picture msg etc. She rang the next morning to say they were going off to the park and to take our time coming home, so DH and i even went out for breakfast and felt like real people again. It was great! It gave the confidence to know if we had to do it again, we could. The funny thing is, i would only feel comfortable leaving him overnight with my family, not DH's. There is nothing wrong with them, they are lovely people but i just wouldn't be able to relax

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    DD was about 2 when she had her first sleepover at my mums. It's been a godsend, now that I have really bad morning sickness she spends the weekends there and I can have a real rest.
    But I do miss her heaps!!

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    Eldest DD was sleeping at friends from about 2-3, DS slept over at grandparents from about 10 months (sheer neccessity), DD2 goes to my mums occasionally.

    I remember thinkning it was weird when one of DD friends parents called concerned her daughter would not cope with a sleepover at the age of 10! I didn't realise, it is such a normal thing to sleepover at our place.

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    Our boys had their first 'sleep overs' at about three years of age with family members. They are yet to have one with friends though. However, there are times when we have gone out or away overnight or over a few nights and had friends or family sleep overnight at house to look after them for us. This has happened, as required, for the boys from about 14 months of age.

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    Catrionalee and Em I really feel for you leaving your little, little ones for a whole night. I would have been fretting too (I left Angus for an afternoon/evening to go to the cricket, when he was three months old, and I didn't enjoy the experience either. I especially didn't enjoy pouring two bottles of freshly expressed breast milk down the loo, because I had no way of storing it at the cricket, and I had to express because I was about to burst!).

    Em, Yes, I feel the same way about my ILs too, they are nice and lovely and all but I just feel more comfortable with Angus being with my parents.

    Ellissa, we all felt really ready for this sleepover. You'll know when you're all ready (I know I don't need to tell you that).

    Thanks everyone else for your replies.

    DH and I really did have such a wonderful time, not doing much, just having a bit of peace. We still feel good now (days later).

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    My DS just had his first night away from me just under a month ago. So 16 months old. We too had a wedding.
    I really like him with me, I miss him too much!!! (Although in saying that, staying in bed until 9:30 am was heaven!!!)

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    My daughter had her 1st nite away from ME wen she ws nearly 17mths wen I went on my own 2 Melb 2 c a concert.

    ... DP looked after her of course 4 the nite while I stayed in a really nice Hotel (Bayview On The Park) in Melb, ... OMG it ws heaven I forget wat it ws like 2 b me and jst not a Mummy. AND needless 2 say I forget how loud I can scream at a concert from xcitment

    To date no one else has offered 2 look afta her 2 4 a nite as we live so far away frm any1 we kno

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