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Thread: i miss being nice - help!!!!

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    wens Guest

    Default i miss being nice - help!!!!

    my dh and i recently seperated. :smt022 we are trying to reconcile still hope!.
    im 29 weeks preg with babe 4. very hormonal. and my 18month old has decided not to sleep anymore and my two boys have decided that telling me where to go is the norm.!!!!!!! :argue:
    im finding that i am constantly yelling and screaming at them esp the boys - which i totally detest doing but cant seem to stop myself. i have tried time out (for me) but thats not working .....i am willing to try anything!!!!! please does anyone have any ideas.

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    wens, what an incredibly difficult time this must be for you, I really feel for you hon. Do you have much support close by, like family or good friends who can help out? Can you get the kids involved in some school holiday programs so you can have a rest?
    Kelly xx

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    angelfish Guest


    Your situation sounds really tough. Sorry I don't have any helpful suggestions, other than make sure you get the support you need - if your don't have family or friends close by and available get in touch with one of the many organisations or phone helplines, as you need to have someone available at any time you might need to talk. (((Hugs))) and sympathy coming your way.

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    Mika24 Guest


    Hi Wendy

    I only live just down the road so if you need to pop down for a cup of tea and a vent please feel free. Sometimes talking about the situation will make it seem more possible to cope

    Mel (al & Monty's mum from #7)

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    wens Guest

    Default thanks

    thanks for all the support, i do have a couple of extra special friends and yes keeping the kids busy makes a huge difference on the way we treat eachother....hi Mel thanks for wise words ..i hope you dont hear me yelling from your house as i know that sometimes esp lately i've been LOUD. (glad you found the bb site hope you get as much out of it as i have had !!!!) i recv the hypnobirthing book and cd today and im hoping that my sleep and relaxing will have a huge impact on my behaviour (and the kids too!!!!!!.

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