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Thread: No poo in a while..Is this normal?

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    Default No poo in a while..Is this normal?

    My DS is 6 months old. When he was born he poo'd frequently for the first month of his life. Than after that he didnt poo for upto almost 4 weeks! He now poo's anywhere between 1-3 weeks. I've read this is normal in babies that are exclusively breastfed- Baby Love Book (which i highly rate-By Robin Barker).

    However i have recently started him on solids (the past week). His 3week poo is slowly but surely coming, ive been giving him water and pears to help it along.

    Is anyone else's baby like mine? Is this normal?

    I'm hoping he'll be "normal" once he's eating solids reguarly.

    Please any advice would be great... my doctor couldnt tell me anything, cos he said my baby is happy and not crying so he must be fine!

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    Sometimes when solids are introduced the bowel movements can become less frequent due to the extra bulk in the bowel, so if he is already going that long between poos, then I would make sure that he has plenty of fluids (extra BM or water if you give it) to ensure that there is plenty of water in the motion to prevent constipation or dry poos which are harder to pass.

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    Yeh, I remember the baby health nurse telling me it's NORMAL - they can not have a poo for up to 2wks.

    I gave my bub about 40mls of water to drink about twice a day, it seemed to help a little !!

    If you are breastfeeding, why not have a couple of prunes yourself ... That can help bub too thru your breastmilk.


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