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Thread: Not bothering with a double pram

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    I tried the trolley thing too, the only problem is finding them. Often I cant get my hands on one, so it would be a case of leaving the kids in the car while I look for one (would never ever do this) or struggle with 2 kids until I find the person that is using the baby trolley for her / his 4 year old or handbag, beat her over the head and steal the trolley. (just kidding, but honestly people using them for other things does happen ALOT) I wouldn't rely on this means of transport personally.

    My tandem was a love and care from toys are us, picked it up for $199.00

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    Alex has only just started to want to walk around the shops but after about an hour he then wants to get back on the pram. I have a single jogger with the toddler seat on the front. If i didn't have that i would have gone and brought a double stroller.

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    I've got a jogger with a toddler seat too.
    We don't often put the toddler seat up but sometimes when Yasin is tired he'll ask for it so I'm glad we have it. There's nothing worse than being stuck with a tired toddler who doesn't want to walk anymore when the car is miles away.
    I'm thinking of getting a side by side now because Imran gets the grumps these days if Yasin's seat is up and he can't see.

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    i have both a single with toddler seat and a side by side but Oscar was only 18 months old when Will was born and still needed his day sleeps. I rarely use the toddler seat now, only for long walks but they are very handy for when you need them both safely strapped in for some kind of appointment. As we dont have anyone to babysit i have to take mine everywhere with me so when i go for scan/drs appts/any appointment that you need to concentrate on for longer than 10 seconds! its very handy to be able to strap them in somewhere safe and know they can't trash the dr's office while we're there. Slightly different situ to you though with L being quite abit older when #2 comes along so good luck using your sling - i highly recommend the ergo too (if you haven't got one already) for when he is bigger and you could use it for new one and L too - i put Oscar in it sometimes if he gets too tired but Will is asleep in the pram and it makes him really light.

    Lovely to catch up yesterday

    Julie x

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    My DD will be 18mths when bubs arrives ,so i just bought a Peg Perego Tandem pram of ebay for $98.00
    Im really happy with it because they are around $500 new,so ill have to see how it goes with that

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