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Thread: Nothing will get her to sleep!

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    Default Nothing will get her to sleep!

    I can't believe I'm posting these sorts of questions again! I thought it was going to be so different the 2nd time around. But Jade is getting more and more like her brother was sleepwise - and that is a very scary and depressing thought. I swear we'll end up splitting up or in counselling.

    I just can't understand how a tiny baby (3 wks old) can stay awake from 930am to 430pm. How can she resist sleep so much even when she's on the boob constantly and is held in our arms. I feed her till she's so full she throws up and we hold her and rock her and pat her, her eyes will be rolling in her head but still she won't sleep. When she does nod off, she's awake again in 20-30 mins. We've tried almost everything we know and nothing helps.

    I know the first 6-8 weeks are hard and all that. I'm expecting that and don't mind so much. I just really don't understand how it's possible for her to stay awake when everything is in place for her to sleep? And I'm sure it can't be good for her.

    I can just see the next 2 years ahead of us with being up 4, 5, 6 times a night again, just as her brother has finally improved. We have had about 15 sleep throughs in the past 2 years and are exhausted.

    I also know there's not much you can say to help us, just wanted to cry on your collective shoulders! Thanks as usual for listening!

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    Hey there dont really have any sugestions as it sounds like you are doing everything so just to you!!.
    I have no idea what to say really but hopefully someone else out there can offer some advice, I hope it gets better for you soon

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    OMG you are me 2 years ago!

    She is waaay overstimulated I reckon. It may be that so much contact is keeping her awake? Will she sleep in the pram?
    Have you tried putting her to bed then gently patting her bum for awhile? A radio in the room set very low?

    AAhhh, you probably know all the old tricks...We had so much trouble with DS, when DD2 came along we had learnt HEAPS.

    Good night tonight xoxoxoxo

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    Tracey- try her in a pram/bassinette in a warm, dark, quiet room? I suspect overstimulation also and then they get overtired and it is SO hard then for them to sleep. I was in you shoes 6 months ago with DD who stayed awake evry night from 9pm till about 4am and we wondered every night why she couldn't/wouldn't sleep and we were trying EVERYTHING to get her to sleep- hence the problem (I think..). We just wouldn't put her down to quietly settle to sleep- we rocked her, picked her up endlessly, carried her, fed her to no end- it went on and on. I was so worried about her lack of sleep, brain development etc etc and I realise now that she needed peace and quiet. Perhaps you could hire a baby hammock to try for a couple of weeks?

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    Oh you poor thing. She does sound overstimulated and overtired to me too.

    Can I throw some suggestions at you? Feel free to ignore them or you may already be doing them! When you start your day and have given her a feed, maybe allow her a little time on the floor (even just 5 or so minutes) and as soon as she is showing a tired sign (my DS2 would start kicking his legs jerkily and grizzle a little) wrap her up and put her to bed. Newborns don't need much wake time (up to 45 minutes including a feed) before they get tired. It does feel like you never see them for the first month or so! I'm sure you know every settling technique under the sun so I won't post my suggestions!

    If you are still having trouble settling her even after doing all of the above, I would suggest (like Deirdre above) using a baby hammock. I used one for DS1 and it seriously changed our lives and restored our sanity! You can hire them from baby hire places if you want to give one a try.

    Wishing you and your baby some good sleep very soon .

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