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    Poo Poo HELP

    Hopefully you people will be able to give us something to try to help.

    My wife goes back to work 1st week in may so our baby is going to have to go to day care and be with me on my days off. Anyway so we have started over the last month or so of getting her off the boobie and onto bottles.We so far thats been pretty good 14weeks old and having 200ml`s of water with 4 scoops of furmula (3 times a day). Now comes the problem,she only poos every 2-3 days ,which isnt too bad I guess,but they are becoming thickers or more solid.Nurse etc sad last time we where there to try her on a bit of water also if this happens.Well it appears she dont like the taste of water.I mean absoultely will not have any at all,she just lets it dribble out her mouth.We have been trying for a week now and I`d guess luck to have 10mls swallowed. Anybody got any other hints or suggestions of things to try

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    Maybe try putting the water in a groovy sucky cup- we have one for DS that has a tip on it that he needs to bit on to make the water come out- its not exactly a bottle- not a sippy cup- at 14 weeks your DD may be able to use one of these. DS dribbled alot too- but would always reach for his bottle again. Also try drinking someout of it yourself in front of her- once she see's you do it, she may want to try. I think from memory DS forst taste of water was actually out of my water bottle coz he saw me drinking it and just HAD to try some!!

    Another idea is maybe can you water down the formula a bit more? I dont know anything about formula feeding, but maybe thats a possibilty?


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    i do know watering down formula can actually also constipate a bubbba, it did so with our DD.

    But, may be worth a try.

    I will see if i can find where i have written down what we did with DD, she had issue's when she moved over to forumla at 4 months....
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    Hi and congratulations for getting through the first 3 months!

    Babies pooing can be strange can't it!?? Apparently (according to our state's family service centre and my CHN) babies can poo as little as once every 10-14 days and it's still 'normal'. As long as the poo is no harder than plasticene then it's ok. Perhaps if bubs seems ok you could see if things change on their own???

    If you want a second opinion you could try calling the family service centre in your state. Eg in WA it's Ngala, in NSW I think it's Karitane or Tresillian. Not sure where you are but might be worth a quick google.

    Hope this helps

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    Just wanted to pop in and say please do not water down your baby's formula. Formula should always be made up as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

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    i agree with Jen

    Maybe try just some boiled water?

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    I have to agree with the ladies ... DO NOT water down the formula, UNLESS you have been told by your GP on exactly how to do it and how many feed ect to give her then.

    In all honesty (and some ppl would not agree with me on this) if her stool is really hard, you can try flavouring her boiled water with some prune juice. (boiled water does not taste good .. try it sometime ) Something like 10ml prune juice on 60ml water. If she does not like the prune juice, try some making her a bottle of Rooibos tea (google if you don't know this .. I think you can get Rooibos at health shops where you are) and sweeten it with a teaspoon of brown sugar and some ready made formula. (you can even give it black) The rooibos is a natural tea with no caffiene and loads of anti-oxidants .. the brown sugar will soften her stools. She can drink as much as she likes, BUT makes sure that she does not drink less formula .. she should only have water/tea as thirst quenchers, not as meals, kwim??

    We had the oppisite with dd .. her stools were soft (even runny) and twice daily. But since she turned two ... we have been having trouble with her getting constipated, even after drinking loads of water and eating pureed prunes. I got some laxi from the GP that I now use as a last resort ... but i don't want her getting dependant on that.