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    i know that i just posted but i need an opion! my son knows when he is doing somthing that he is not suposted to because if you walk into the room and he is doing somthing wrong he jumps and sits then crawls away really fast! I dont know what to think of this. we live with my husbands mom and sis. is this a normal reaction from a child that knows he is doing somthing he is not suppost to be doing or do you think that someone in the house is doing more than a tap on the hand and a firm no? Im probably over reacting but in the nine months hes been here ive never known him to act like that! and for that matter what do you think about other family members punishing your kids, im not to fond of it, and i tell my mother in law that. but i still see her tapping his hand. (we do not hit) i think a little tap on his hand is ok! but id rather be the one to let him know whats not ok! i guess i just feel like she is trying to take over but that is a whole diff post.

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    Tessa, I have no idea what's going on with the family but I also remember my DS doing this. We also never smacked him, a stern word and a tap on the hand were enough! But he did and still does jump and move away if he's doing something he knows he shouldn't. Now DD is a totally different story, she never has and still doesn't care if she's doing something wrong and is going to get caught. Different personalities I guess. Anyway just wanted to tell you that my DS was and is the same, here's hoping there's no conflict happening with your MIL and SIL also, tough call, I couldn't live with mine!!

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