thread: Screaming tantrums in the night

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    I found that DD was really 'all or nothing' in terms of night feeds. Attempting to reduce just confused her - she didn't understand why sometimes I obliged and others I said no, and ultimately it just prolonged the stress for both of us. I introduced a dream feed (would only give if I could pick he up completely asleep, feed and pop her back so there was no experience of waking for a feed) and then refused until 5am. She really screamed the first 2 nights but cottoned on pretty quickly and by night 4, was sleeping through till 5, waking for the one feed then going back to sleep till 6 or 7.

    Good luck Hun. Sleep deprivation is the worst.

    ETA. Night weaned at about 15 months I think. It did mean she ended up feeding slightly more often through the day and ate much more in terms of solids.

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    Another one here who had all or nothing feeders at night. Managed to feed them both well beyond 2 1/2. DD1 was a lot of screaming, DD2 not so much. DD2 was the heartbreaker with it though, as she would still ask once weaned and could articulate it very well. With DD1, once she was weaned it was she forgot she ever breastfed.

    I so wish I had some answers for you, but sadly I don't. The clingness takes time and the feeding at night is sometimes about comfort not actual feeding. I remember one night with DD2, she pulled off as "boobie empty" then a few minutes later went to latch on again. I told her "but you said boobie empty", to which she replied "Boobie my lollipop".

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    well, DD slept quite well last night. I did not - I think I have a tummy bug of some sort. And perhaps this is why she's been so difficult of late...? She's certainly bright and cheerful today.
    The good news is that although I can't stomach much, I'm not missing out on anything nice at the moment.

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    Jan 2008

    How are you Mad? Been thinking of this post a lot!

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    On the mend, thanks

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    Urgh. Hope your tum is better soon!