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Thread: Since I came to BB.....

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    Default Since I came to BB.....

    I just want to say what a positive influence BB has been on the way I parent. I have only been a Mum for 4 1/2 months, but I know how much influence this site has been to me...

    I googled pregnancy the day I found out I was pg. I didnt know BB was a gentle parenting forum, just that there were others here to talk about pg & birth with. So I have been here since. I probably didnt even realise it was a gentle site for quite some time.

    Anyway, I am a very routine person myself. Before having Emma I would have predicted that I would be very pro routine for any children I may have.....well - how wrong that would be!!!

    I have been very positively influenced & want to say a huge thank you! Having a baby is such a new experience & it is so easy to be influenced by others. I definately feel that I could have been talked into doing all the things that go against my instincts. Either that or I could have been made to feel guilty for 'spoiling' my baby or very alone. But I feel confident in my choices & know that I am not alone, and I can see the benifits of gentle parenting.

    A huge thank you Kelly - I dont think you realise how you have helped me (and heaps of others) to have a positive relationship with my daughter, and maintain the trust with her that is so special.

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    I feel confident in my choices
    ........that is they key Linda, for me anyway.

    I am so glad you are feeling so happy and confident with will shine on her....xx

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    That's great Linda!!

    I have to say I've got similar feelings.

    Throughout TTC, pregnancy and the first few hellish months of having a newborn, I found myself wondering how other people coped without being members of BB!! To me the prospect seemed insane! LOL
    It's a great resource!

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    Here here! (to all of the above )

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    ... ditto!

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