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    Makon has started biting!!! not just bb but any where he can get his mouth on!

    i have tried just ignoring it and pulling him off andi have tried saying "makon please dont bite mummy" but nothing seems to be working any other suggestions would be great!

    it does hurt alot (he has drawn blood on my fingers) but being only 6 months i think how am i meant to teach him not to

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    I posted the same thing a few weeks back...but he was biting bb and it HURT. I jumped up and said no...i think it scared him. He did it four times and hasnt done it since. I know its hard to do..saying No to Sammy was awful for me...but it was such a shock for him i think that he stopped straight away.


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    Ellissa, Kynan went through a phase where he used to bite during BF quite a bit. I think mostly for him it was just to do with teething and experimenting with the new sensations. I very firmly say 'No! Don't bite please Kynan' and put him down on the floor and walk away. He would often cry and I'd go to him and explain that biting hurts etc and then we'd have a cuddle. I'm not sure how much he understands but he doesn't do it as much now. I can tell when he is going to bite now though and it's usually at the end of a feed when he's had enough and is playing. I take it as a sign that he's had enough and make sure my nipples are well away from his teeth LOL!

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    I actually comforting / soothing for some babies to bite on things - especially around the age where their teeth are coming through or making a move. Have you considered getting him some new and different teething toys or mini icblocks to bite/suck on? I found this helped Elijah. I think it makes it worse when they think our reaction is hilarious but a firm no and giving them something else to bite is all you need. It can take a little while but they get the picture, especially when it means taking away their beloved boobies for a moment.
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    Just got my first bite a few minutes ago! Ouch, she just giggled at me when I cried out. Worked out she had a piece of rock in her mouth, had to get that out before we could continue.

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