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Thread: When "No" makes her laugh!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Default When "No" makes her laugh!

    Ok guys... I need some ideas.
    Gabby seems to think that a firm "No" is a crack up.
    When she grabs at electrical cords, tries to stand up in the bath, tries to grab at the hot tap in the bath etc. (all things that are dangerous), I try to say "No" and remove her from the situation but she thinks it's a riot and goes back to the behaviour.
    How on earth do you reason with a 9 month old? Or should I not be too concerned?

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    mooshie Guest


    oh debbie

    i can sooooo relate lol - lani is a shocker especially for standing in the bath - she knows darn well to i tell her to sit down and she goes half down then bops up like a bloody jack in the box - what i end up doing is say sit down and if you don't you are out and of course she stands up laughing so out she comes (kicking and screaming mind you) they know, they can understand you - i think to tell them in a firm voice (trying hard not to say NO to much i know it is hard - ) and then remove them from the situation.

    i remember with my first she must of been around 8mths old or so and she was playing with the electrical cords so my dh said no firmly and tapped her on the hand and she turned around at him and smiled and said TA pmsl.

    good luck

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    I usually say No - ouch and Elijah gets it, but if he does think it is funny or he is going to try it again, I distract him. Distraction is a powerful thing. Just say no and then remove her from the situation or distract her
    Kelly xx

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    PMSL @ the Ta Mooshie.

    Lachlan has always responded better to Don't than No we have found. We also pull him straight out of the bath too if he stands up


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    I'm experiencing a similar thing with Maggie, but it is when I am telling her NO when she pulls my hair or pinches my nipple. She also has this habit of kicking me when I am trying to change her. She just laughs at me, especially if I am using a really firm tone of voice.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    LOL, yeah Shannon - from Jessalyn's perspective, those darn doctors deserve a decent boot

    Kelly - I will try to distract her from now on. I think I have tried it a couple of times and it has worked but I didn't really pay much attention, iykwim?

    Last night she was driving me batty. She would go from trying to stand up (it's such a new thing and I guess the bath lip is just at the right height) to trying to touch the hot tap. Every time I removed her from each thing, she would go to the other. She thought it was bloody hilarious!
    So, yeah... I may just have to take in a couple of "hidden" toys and bring them out at key moments during bath time

    I don't like the sound of "no" either. I think that is what bothers me too. It just sounds so harsh. Still, I guess children do need a verbal cue for when they try to do something that could put them in danger, hey?

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    Melinda Guest


    I'd suggest distraction too - it's a very powerful tool!

    I also hate having those days where I feel like I'm always saying "no" or "ah" (usually the latter). Some days I feel like I'm saying it endlessly too and of course the more it's said, the worse Jacob's behaviour can become at times! So to counteract that I try and use the word "yes" or "good boy" or some other praise for things that he's doing that are positive might be something really simple, but to him, he's getting that positive reinforcement and praise....and it's so much nicer for everybody to hear!

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    Mel that is pretty much exactly what I do with Aidyn too... I'm always saying 'ah-ah' (iykwim) and he seems to listen to it more than 'no', LOL.
    But we always give him lots of praise and positive reinforcement when he does something good (or not 'bad') iykwim?
    Luckily (?) I dont have the problem of him laughing at us when we tell him no... he usually cries.

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    I can relate to this too - Matty just thinks it is funny when we say no. Although we are trying to do the 'don't do' phrase as well.. its hard as you automatically say no!

    Distraction is great - removing from the situation we also do, but I know that's hard in the bath. It is tiring!

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    I tried the distraction thing last night...
    Took in some of the balls from her ball-pit (she love them) and a few other things.... didn't work!!
    She was worse than eva!! Little horror, LOL.
    She just cacked herself laughing even though I remained silent (I thought she might be laughing because of the "No").
    So, it was a quick wash and out. She cracked it because she wasn't ready to get out but dems the breaks my dear child!!

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    A consequence of No? Paris went through this and we'd pick her up and put her somewhere else (I know thats hard in the bath, but you may just have to for a few nights LOL) ie on her mat in the sitting position (as she couldn't move around from that position) and she would object and we'd sit with her, then once she'd calmed down we'd put her back off the mat. Also kids find it funny if mummy or daddy is using a tone they have never heard before they think its a game iykwim? But don't let that change your tone, because I think they need to be able to differentiate between normal voice and "No voice" iykwim? Try not to let her laughing get to you (or make you laugh LOL) as any reaction you could do that is opposite to the one you first gave could make her think its a game. Don't worry deb they do get it eventually, you just have to be consistant no matter what and that is VERY time consuming but just try and think of the bigger picture LOL! And I agree distraction is definitley a great tool, but don't let it be the only tool you use, No is not a dirty word And boundaries are just as important for a happy baby as they are for a happy child (and happy mummy too!). You are doing a great job I know how frustrating it is, but wait till no matter what you say you get screamed at LOL! Its all part of the learning curve and they do get it eventually! Also another way I find has always helped me to overcome the guilt of the no nag is to always end with praise when they listen. For instance when she does listen to you and stops or whatever (without laughing obviously) praise her, and it might not necessarily be in the bath it might be out of the bath but it does help. I believe you need a perfect balance between boundaries and reassurance/praise


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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Thanks, Cailin.
    I'll try to be a bit more patient and persevere.
    Sometimes it is sooo hard not to laugh at her... it's quite funny. But, yeah... I realise I could create a bigger problem if I laugh with her instead of try to stop her from doing something that could potentially hurt her.
    She just adores standing up at the moment so it's a bit of a novelty. She even figured out how to stand up in the cot today and had a riot of a time when she was meant to be sleeping, LOL.
    I'll keep plugging away at it!
    Thanks for the support... as always!!

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    I`m glad I`m not the only one who has a child who thinks the word 'No' is hiliarious.

    You girls have some great tips, which I`ll take on board, I`ve actually started saying 'ah - ah' to Matthew and he does seem to take more notice.

    Deb - How`s it going with Gabby now?

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    It's getting better, Dee. She's slowly catching on that "no" isn't a funny thing. It's still a challenge in the bath tho.

    Actually.. Neil told her off yesterday because she wanted to play with a power point. We have the little stoppers inside of it so it's safe but we still don't want her to play with them as a rule (naturally). When he said "no" in his big, booming Daddy-voice, the bottom lip dropped big time!! It was hilarious (we stifled the giggles tho, LOL). She looked at him and just howled and now she won't go near the powerpoint.

    So... I have told Neil that obviously HE needs to bathe her each night because she listens to him

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